About Us

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we’re committed to launching successful insurance adjusting careers. 

Our Vision Statement:

“To be the best in insurance claims training, MileHigh Adjusters Houston is committed to caring for individuals, delighting clients, and growing responsibly. Our focus on honesty, value, and integrity sets us apart, aiming for excellence and becoming the go-to choice for top-tier training in claims proficiency.”

Our Mission:

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, our mission is to empower aspiring claims adjusters with comprehensive training. We’re dedicated to cultivating skilled professionals in various fields, redefining industry standards. Through integrity, innovation, and personalized support, we aim to be the catalyst for our students’ success, shaping adept adjusters ready for the complexities of the claims landscape. At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we don’t just train adjusters; we sculpt careers and foster a legacy of proficiency and reliability in the insurance adjusting realm.

Meet the Team

Mark Smith

Mark D. Smith

President, CEO

Mark D Smith, the President/CEO of MileHigh Adjusters Houston, draws his life journey from humble beginnings, being the son of a farmer/carpenter and a factory worker. Graduating high school in 1977 marked the beginning of a diverse career.

After spending a few years in the retail industry, Mark found his stride at Discount Tire Company, where he dedicated 32 years of service. His leadership prowess was evident as he steered one of their most successful stores throughout the 1990s. In 2016, feeling the winds of change, Mark decided to retire from retail, recognizing a deep-seated desire to contribute more to others.

Teaming up with a seasoned business associate entrenched in the insurance industry, Mark identified a pressing need for skilled insurance adjusters post-hurricanes and storms. The search led them to Mile High Adjusters, renowned for top-notch hands-on training and a consistent record of student employment. Following insightful discussions with the company’s founder, Mike Popejoy, Mark and his associate made the strategic decision to establish MileHigh Adjusters Houston.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark finds joy in exploring the great outdoors. Whether snow skiing with his son across the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, Arizona, California, and Nevada, or indulging in the thrill of duck hunting during the season, he embraces life’s adventures. Mark’s passions extend to travel, antique collection, and the meticulous restoration of timeless artifacts. His commitment to excellence and dedication to helping others shape the narrative of his multifaceted journey.

Billy Banks

Billy E. Banks

Vice President and Training Director

Billy E. Banks, an esteemed professional, serves as the Vice President and Training Director at MileHigh Adjusters Houston. Originating from the tranquil town of Richlands in North Carolina, situated just 12 miles outside the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, Billy embarked on a remarkable journey that has shaped his illustrious career.  

Commencing his professional trajectory at the age of 17, Billy enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he dedicated 26 years to traversing the globe. During his tenure, he not only accumulated multiple academic degrees, but also garnered a wealth of global knowledge. His distinguished military career culminated with his retirement from Travis Air Force Base in Northern California in 2013. 

Following his military service, Billy relocated to San Antonio, Texas where he transitioned into the role of a Union Pacific Railroad Conductor and subsequently ascended to the position of Locomotive Engineer. However, after a brief period of navigating the rigorous schedule associated with this role, Billy made the decision to resign from Union Pacific. 

Undeterred by challenges, Billy redirected his career path towards the realm of independent insurance adjusting. In 2015, he commenced his endeavors as an independent adjuster, promptly deploying and successfully closing claims. Subsequently, his expertise and proficiency were recognized by MileHigh Adjusters Houston, where he assumed the pivotal role of lead instructor, contributing to the development of the comprehensive 10-day bootcamp lesson plan. 

Continuing his upward trajectory, Billy has evolved into a strategic partner alongside Mark D. Smith, the CEO of MileHigh Adjusters Houston. Presently, he holds the distinguished titles of Vice President and Training Director, showcasing his commitment to excellence and leadership within the organization. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Billy indulges in his passions for Texas Hold’em poker events and the art of gun collecting. Additionally, he cherishes quality time spent with his wife, Mindy, and their two daughters, Valerie and Maya. Through his multifaceted pursuits, Billy E. Banks epitomizes dedication, leadership, and a commitment to continual growth and success. 

Chris Love

Chris Love

Sales & Operations Director

Meet Chris Love: A Journey of Service, Leadership, and Dedication

Greetings! I’m Chris Love, a Texan through and through, with a story that spans service, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. Born and raised in Texas City, I took the path less traveled by joining the Marine Corps after graduating from TC High School.

In the Marines, I achieved the rank of Corporal within a remarkable four years, a testament to my dedication and commitment to service. Following this achievement, I earned an Honorable Discharge and transitioned to the civilian world.

Embarking on an 18-year journey with Discount Tire Company, I started as a part-time tire tech and steadily climbed the ranks, ultimately reaching the position of store manager. It was a journey that taught me the value of hard work, resilience, and effective leadership.

In 2019, I decided to pivot my career and delve into the world of insurance. Initially planning to be an agent, a last-minute decision led me down the exciting path of becoming an adjuster. This decision brought me to MileHigh Adjusters Houston, where I not only took their comprehensive course but also achieved my Level 2 certification in Xactimate.

Currently, at MileHigh Adjusters Houston, I proudly serve as the Sales and Operations Director. In this role, I bring my wealth of experience and dedication to the forefront, playing a crucial part in steering our people and the company towards success.