In-Person Training Academy

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we’re committed to launching successful insurance adjusting careers through our in-person Insurance Adjuster Training Academy. 


Claims Adjuster Training Boot Camp

Hands-on 10-Day course – $1,595

  • Xactimate Mastery: Wednesday – Saturday
  • Training for Precision Estimation
  • Preferred by Major Insurance Companies
  • Become Proficient in 4 Days
  • Graduate as a Proficient Xactimate Expert
  • Day Off: Sunday
  • Scoping Mastery: Monday & Tuesday
  • Training with our Mock-Up House
  • Establishing Exact Scope of Loss
  • In-Depth Documentation and Assessment Process
  • Acquire Vital Scoping Skills in 2 Days
  • Claims Proficiency: Wednesday – Friday
  • Claim Writing – Key to Mastering the Art in 3 Days
  • Claims Immersion – Work on Actual Claims
  • Instructor-led Claims Walkthroughs
  • Enter Multiple Claims into XM8 Demo


Texas All-Lines Claims Adjuster Licensing & Training Boot Camp

Hands-on 14-Day course – $1,695


Optional Xactimate Level 1 & 2 Certification Guidance

Made Easy & Integrated into Your 10-Day Boot Camp

  • Xactimate Level 1 Test Guidance:
  • 1st Evening: Purchase the test online and dive into sketch preparation.
  • 2nd Evening: Master sketch specs, reinforce your skills, and navigate potential pitfalls.
  • 3rd Evening: Attend the test, confidently tackle the written section, and answer questions with ease.
  • Xactimate Level 2 Test Guidance:
  • 1st Evening: Acquire the test, explore advanced sketching, and dive into the first story dimensions.
  • 2nd Evening: Complete the 2nd story sketch and estimate line items for both stories.
  • 3rd Morning: Conquer roof sketching and estimate all associated items, then tackle the test.
  • Test Guidance Pricing:
  • Level 1 – $395 (+ $110 for online test)
  • Level 2 – $795 (+ $110 for online test)
  • Level 1 & 2 Combined Course: Regular Price: $1,190 Sale Price: $1,090 (Save $100) Test Fees: An additional $110 for each online test
  • Bonus:
  • MileHigh not only guides you through the process but also loans an extra monitor for Level 2 testing. 

Join us on this journey to mastering Xactimate effortlessly! Your certification success starts here.

Adjuster Training Course Overview

Xactimate is a software program that allows users to accurately estimate construction costs.  Over time it’s become the preferred technology tool of most major insurance companies for claims adjusting.

For a professional insurance adjuster, proficiency with Xactimate is the most essential technical skill you can possess. 

As a participant in our training academy, you’ll spend four full days mastering the fundamentals of Xactimate.  And as a graduate of our training academy, you’ll depart as a proficient, confident user of this essential software platform.

When a insurance claim is filed, the primary role of professional adjusters is to establish with the insured the exact scope of loss.  From a practical standpoint, this requires adjusters to physically examine the damage or loss to insured property.

Whether the insured property is a home, business, or other valuable asset, professional adjusters use a detailed process of documentation and assessment. Skillful execution of this process leads to the best possible outcomes, insuring the most accurate and timely response to claims.

Our training academy equips graduates with the skills needed to perform the core responsibility of “scoping” as a professional insurance adjuster.  As an academy graduate, you’ll depart MileHigh Adjusters Houston with the knowledge, resources, and practical skills that are sure to propel you into your new career with confidence.

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, we understand that hands-on practice is the key to mastering the art of claim writing. In the concluding days of our training program, we provide our students with a unique practical experience known as “Claims Proficiency.” In this immersive phase, students will work on actual claims, ensuring they can confidently write claims by the end of the course.

Our training approach involves walking the entire class through a practical claim scenario guided by our experienced instructor. Following this, students will be given multiple claims to enter into their Xactimate Demo. This comprehensive approach allows our trainees to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

This practical experience ensures that when you complete the course, you’ll depart with the confidence of having applied your newfound skills in real-world claim scenarios.We believe that this hands-on approach is the cornerstone of our training, and it’s what sets our program apart.

Your Day Off in Houston, Texas

At MileHigh Adjusters Houston we’ve always made it our goal to offer the very best adjuster training in the industry.  For the benefit of our trainees, both our 10 and 14 training classes are structured to be immersive, stimulating, and intensive. 

In both courses, we’ve intentionally incorporated a  day off, to provide trainees with a much-appreciated mental break!  If like many of our trainees, you’re visiting from out of town, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation in Houston, Texas.

MileHigh Adjusters Houston is located only minutes away from countless world-class entertainment, recreation, and dining options.  Located only 15 minutes south of Downtown Houston, trainees are only a short drive from attractions like NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Moody Gardens.

Houston Skyline

The 14 day training class from MileHigh Adjusters Houston includes 4 additional training days focused on the Texas All-Lines Adjuster License.  During this time, trainees enjoy comprehensive and interactive preparation for the All-Lines Licensing exam.

When you register for our 14 day class, you’ll receive everything you need to prepare for the All-Lines exam, with no additional charges for training materials and books.  And at the conclusion of test preparation, you’ll enjoy the convenience of taking your licensing exam at our training facility, with no additional fee for testing.

​​​​Unleash Your Adjusting Career, Wherever You Are!

“Whether you reside in Texas or any state not mandating an adjuster license, you’re welcome to enroll in our Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course that is part of the 14-Day Adjuster Course.  This comprehensive course offers a pathway to endless adjusting opportunities across the country.

For those from states with their own specific adjuster license requirements, we’ve partnered with a trusted organization offering tailored Adjuster Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education (CE) courses. You can easily access these courses by clicking the ‘ONLINE PRE-LICENSING & CE COURSES’ button at the top of our home page.

Embrace the power of a Texas All-Lines license, as it holds ‘reciprocity’ in 47 states. This opens the door to numerous employment prospects, saving you the hassle of preparing for additional state licensing exams. Your adjuster career begins here, with boundless opportunities at your fingertips!”

Texas Adjuster License State Reciprocity

If you hold a Texas Resident Adjuster License or a Texas Designated Home State License, all you need to do is apply for a reciprocal license in any state shaded in blue on the map below.
States shaded in red require state-specific courses and exams to attain an Adjuster License in that state.
States Shaded in gray are non-licensing states, and don’t offer any adjuster licenses, including reciprocal licenses.

We recommend that Texas candidates obtain the All-Lines license to qualify for the most reciprocal licenses, as reciprocal licenses can only be given when you hold an equivalent license or a license with more lines of authority than what you are requesting. Alaska and Arizona do not accept Designated Home State Licenses. If you hold a Texas DHS License, you will need to pass the state adjuster exams in AK and AZ to in order to attain a license and adjust all claims.

Texas Adjuster License Reciprocity Map

Special Student Rates at StayAPT Suites

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As a MileHigh Adjusters Houston student, you’re eligible for a special rate at StayAPT Suites Houston-NASA/Clear Lake during your training course. You can either click the button below for a direct link to the special rates, or go to, enter your dates of stay, and select “View Rates”. There will be an option to enter a “Promo Code” where you can enter the code MHA to populate our special rates.

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Flexible Payment Options

We are excited to unveil our new enrollment option designed with your convenience in mind – the MileHigh Adjusters Houston Flexible Enrollment Plan! This plan offers you the flexibility to kickstart your learning journey without financial strain.