Are You Xactimated?

Insurance adjuster taking notes

As a claims professional, you understand how hectic events can become and how quickly! There are key steps you can take to minimize the overwhelming workload you will incur and to ensure that your technology is working for you… not the other way around.

As you know, preparing your claims and getting them completed quickly and efficiently is the key to your professional success. Not to mention, the key to your financial bliss. When preparing your estimates, most importantly, you want to make sure they are comprehensive and correct. This will eliminate many future issues that may arise from insufficient and omitted details and gain acknowledgement from your employers earlier.

Before you are activated and deployed, take the time to prepare yourself. Do you have the Xactimate training you need and owe yourself to be a successful claims adjuster? If you are not proficient in Xactimate, then you are not providing yourself the best opportunity to work in claims with a finely-tuned workflow. Understand the features and benefits of your software. Through a thorough understanding of the software you employ, you are setting yourself up to achieve an enhanced and streamlined operational process – increasing your efficacy and overall output.

You skillset is your resume and your marketing tool to the staffing firms that will employ you. It’s important to obtain your Level 1 and 2 Xactimate certifications to increase your marketability. By obtaining your Level 3 certification, you are showing Independent Adjusting Firms that you are serious about working in this industry. Set yourself ahead of others who may not put forth the effort to receive this training. Remember, they don’t pay you for scoping the damage…..they pay you for completing the claim!

As in most all things in life, you will get out of this profession what you put into it. Xactimate is a tool of your trade. Know your tools to the best of your ability. Get trained, get on those rosters, get to work and get paid! You owe it to yourself and those who count and depend on you to be the best claims adjuster you can be.